Kids Splitboard binding WeenterFace

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If you want to take your young kid touring, your options are limited because there are simply no binding options out there for smaller boots. Well, we're here to the rescue! 

The WeenterFace can mount any binding to it that has 4x4 or 2x4 hole pattern on it. Or you can use the super lightweight kids specific powder binding called the WeePow that helps keep the whole system light. It totally depends on your budget and kids needs

The Puck interface works with DIY 4x4 insert splits and Voile Split insert hole patterns. So you can make a board from an old one, or buy a kids specific split that's ready to go (if you can find one).

The WeenterFace includes 4 pucks, 2 binding mounting plates, 4 pivot brackets (that engage into the hill climbing bracket). Things like the climbing bracket, heel lifters, joining clips, pins, skins etc you'd buy from various suppliers. The WeenterFace covers just the kids size specific parts that are needed for a kids binding.

The WeenterFace is strong enough for users up to 80lbs.
Now save yourself money by tracking down old oversized skins to cut down to size, used out of date climbing brackets and heel lifters, and split joining clips, and your kid is getting started.

Hopefully this will allow parents to get their kids out touring ;-)

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