O'Sin DP 3800 (120cm)

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3800 metres is the altitudes of the Aiguille du Mini, and is the cousin of the 4807. This little nugget of fun brings groomer carving, and powder charging to kids, who despite their size, charge hard. The cambered centre runs into early rocker so its predictable and easy to ride on perfect corduroy and waist deep powder; and when you're 8, everything is waist deep!

Light riders can compress the camber and curve the tail at will, so they can ride just like mom or dad... but better.

Deal with it.


DP 3800

Length 120cm
Nose width 236mm
Waist Width 201mm
Tail Width 224mm
Effective Edge 839mm
Nose Length 890mm
Tail length 151mm
Nose Rocker 59mm
Tail Rocker 21mm
Camber 3mm
Stance Max 460mm
Stance Min 320mm
Insert offset 180mm



Core Popler
Lamination Bi-ax fiberglass
Resign Epoxy
Base Extruded
Damping No