O'Sin PS144

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O'Sin pioneered surf inspired shaped powder boards in the 1990's, and the PS144 holds true to this tradition. The gentle camber to early rockered tips, combined with a generous sidecut, and a slight end to end boat hull, creates the ultimate all mountain powder charger. 

Don't let the short length fool you. This little board is all sorts of fun in powder for even full size adults.


PS 144

Length 144cm
Nose width 290mm
Waist Width 246mm
Tail Width 286mm
Effective Edge 1030mm
Nose Length 240mm
Tail length 190mm
Nose Rocker 50mm
Tail Rocker 45mm
Camber 5mm
Stance Max 590mm
Stance Min 470mm
Insert offset 60mm
Special Boat Hull 2mm



Core Sycamore
Lamination Tri-ax fiberglass
Resign Epoxy
Base Sintered
Damping No