O'Sin PC159

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While people are symmetrical for the most part from left to right, they are not at all asymmetrical from the front to the back. Hence the reason why the asymmetrical snowboard since turning heel side is much harder than turning toe side. Hence this snowboard helps you to the natural overcome the physiological asymmetry. The asymmetric sidecut has a shorter and a deeper heel sidecut that is more pronounced.  

Not only does this provide balance, but also gives you more intuitive and natural body control while engaging on the snowboard’s heel side edge.

Due to the typical precision of toe side turns and the tightness of the radius, we came up with the PC159 that has a softer core underneath the heels, to allow the rider to be able to flex the board more using the heel side, to get a tighter, precise, natural turn feeling.

Whether you take this to the park, or intend to lay down trench digger turns on groomers, this asymmetric twin tip (symmetrical end to end) will unleash your riding.


PC 159

Length 159cm
Nose width 305mm
Waist Width 255mm
Tail Width 305mm
Effective Edge Toeside 1310mm
Effective Edge Heelside
End Length 290 | 270 mm
Toeside Rocker 47mm
Heelside Rocker 44mm
Camber 11mm
Stance Max 630mm
Stance Min 505mm
Insert offset 0mm
Special Asymmetrical



Core Sycamore
Lamination Tri-ax fiberglass
Resign Epoxy
Base Sintered
Damping No