Monster Plate

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Ride with power, without chatter, on even the hardest most uneven terrain.

In 2008, Canadian team member Benoit Dargis came to us with an idea to reduce chatter while racing. Using our workshop, he created the very first shock absorbing riser plate, and these are now standard on all racing boards.

We've simplified his original design for use with soft boots on surfy style carving boards. The goal is to keep that same soft feeling you get in powder, but on hard pack.
The plates themselves bend slightly, with the elastomer grommets compressing as the board passes over hard uneven terrain. They are designed to remove the "stiff point" under the binding chassis (makes for a more even board flex) as much as they are to absorb chatter, and they allow you to adjust the flex and stiffness of the board ends.  

If you move the plates towards the ends, relative to the binding position selected, it'll make board ends stiffer. Move them towards the centre to give the board ends more flex. 

All effort has been made to reduce weight by cutting out any extra material (which created the strange "squiggly shape).

These can be used with any board type and style but they're especially useful on carving boards. Raising the foot also to reduces boot drag, increases edging power, and creates a more even flex pattern in the board for carving. 
Plate thickness 8mm
Elastomer pad thickness 12mm
Total height 20mm
The plates are sold individually, so you can elect the symmetrical or asymmetrical shape depending on your needs. If your feet are 20 degrees or less, the symmetrical plates work great. For foot angle more than 20 degrees, select the asymmetrical design (or perhaps symmetrical for back foot and asymmetrical for front foot). Plates come with all mounting hardware.
Weight: about 350g each

Assembly Instructions