Powderhound Kids Splitboard Binding

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In this day and age, kids are getting out younger, and going harder. Their equipment needs to keep up with them, and that's why we've developed this kids touring binding. 

This is a true go getter touring binding thats performance focused, but built to come in at an affordable price, and maximum versatility in mind.

The binding will work with DIY 2x4 insert patterns with overlapping grooved pucks (so you don't have to put inserts into an old board you rip, or on standard splitboard hole patterns with the lightweight adapter) that allow for on-the-fly binding angle adjustment (and even instant switch from regular to goofy if you have different kids using the same board, without tools). 

The locking interface works with a simple grooved sliding plate that runs on rails under the binding, that locks and unlocks with a simple cam lever.

The CNC aluminum chassis, padded for all day comfort and a more familiar feel, is set to allow for maximum boot size adjustment, in both length and width, so you kid gan get many years use out of this, allowing you to invest in a piece of quality equipment.

The surfy feeling highback has three forward lean positions in ride mode, and a quick and easy walk mode for maximum stride while ascending. The highback is complimented with our patent pending wrap around boot cuff that offers increased support for long traverses, and if you want a more powerful feel to your highback riding.

The interface with the touring bracket (that crosses the centerline of the board, increasing split torsional stability) works with a unique attachment interface (also patent pending) that's quick and easy to use even in the worst ice conditions. A hill climbing heel support bar is built into the binding, eliminating the need to drill extra holes into a DIY board, or purchase a heel support bar for boards with inserts.

Complimenting the surfy feeling highback, are soft comfortable and light ankle and toe straps that have a wide range of adjustment and comfort for those growing feet.

Last, but not least, a binding heel lock, and crampons, can be bought separately, and add seamlessly to the base system, so you can update as needed as your kid progresses, while avoiding unnecessary cost when getting started. 

Weight: 682g (weight includes complete binding, touring bracket, heel lift mechanism, pucks, and all screws)



*split clips, tip clips, and 2x4 to split inserts adapter sold separately. Heel lock, and crampon sold separately.

Prototype shown. Some minor changes will be in the production version.

 You can see the interface function with the adult version of the binding here: