Monster Plate Assembly

Congratulations on getting monster plates for your carving board. Now for assembly.

For many this might be self evident, so forgive us for stating the obvious in the steps below.

Tools you'll need: a low profile 10mm socket, with a maximum 12.5mm outer diameter. 4mm Allen Key. 8mm Socket or wrench. Tasty beverage and snacks. Remember to grab a handful of snacks and take a drink between each step for moral fortitude.


Separate the extension nuts and washers from the kit. Put the washer on the deck and then thread the nut through into the boards inserts where your bindings usually go. Turn until tight, but do not over tighten. Snug is good enough.

Step 2

Put the screws through the plate from the top, push the bushing onto the screw, and then thread the nut onto the screw. Using the socket and Allen key, turn until it barely snugs down. DO NOT over tighten as this will compress the bushing and change its height. Just barely snug is perfect.

Don't forget to drink. Hydration is important.

This is how the plate looks assembled.

Note: the symmetrical plate assembles from one side only. The Asymmetrical plate you need to flip it one side or the other, depending on whether you're goofy or regular, with the "long" ends under your heel and toes.

Step 3


Line the plate up with the extension nuts. For stiffer board ends, shift the plate forward relative to the extension nuts. For a stiffer board centre, shift the plates towards the board centre. It is recommended to start off with the plate centred on the extension nuts to get a feel for it.

Step 4

Have another drink. If necessary get a new one.

Step 5

Place your binding on the plate, and line the disk holes up with the extension nuts underneath. Use the M6*20mm bolts supplied to screw your bindings in.

Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Post images on social media of your accomplishment, and get another drink.